Sora ChaiDirector of Operations
    Sora Chai has been with the Institute for Effective Behavioral Interventions since 2014. Since then she has gained the experiences as a Behavioral Therapist, Human Resources and now Business Development. Sora Chai is currently enrolled in the University of Nevada, Reno Satellite Master’s program offered through IEBI. Sora’s main interest is the application of behavioral principles to organizations -Organizational Behavior Management (OBM). As a business manager and active student at UNR, she has helped IEBI transition from a traditional management perspective to a total performance system perspective, particularly, performance management system.  Since Summer of 2017, Sora has created and successfully implemented a bonus system for case managers and supervisors, based on their performance. Sora initially holds a meeting with them to establish their score card goals and she assesses the score card outcomes with them on a monthly basis.
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