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Why work with a parent consultant?

Parenting can be endlessly rewarding, but it also comes with a host of challenges. As children develop, they learn how to communicate their needs, express their desires and frustrations, and convey their own emotions. Sometimes, these strategies can include talking back, hitting, temper tantrums, or other behaviors causing stress for you, your child, and your family. Often, traditional discipline doesn’t seem to work, leaving you frustrated and confused.  This can result in more yelling and conflict with little success or change in your home. As parent consultants, our goal is to work with you to identify these challenging areas, create a workable plan to address them, and provide continuous teaching and support to ensure your goals are met, creating measurable and clear change for your family. 


What is parent consultation?

All parent consultation services begin with an assessment completed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. The assessment comprised of family interviews and observation and evaluation of any challenging behaviors. During this process, our parent consultants will work with you and your family to identify key areas to address while carefully considering your family’s strengths and motivations. Each consultation plan is unique, as no two families have identical goals and preferences! Your consultant will work with you to create a plan that best suits your family using evidence-based strategies to ensure rapid and lasting changes for you and your children.


The goal of consultation is to use positive behavior strategies to simultaneously address your goals while quickly reducing household stress and helping to foster a better relationship between parent and child.


What should I expect?

Consultation sessions are hands on! Research shows that the best way to learn new skills and create change is to a) practice and b) practice in real-life situations and environments. Sessions can take place in the home, grocery store, doctor’s office, car, anywhere parenting challenges arise, and can be conducted in person or through webcam/ Facetime.


Your consultant will provide written instructions for any techniques used in sessions, will help measure ongoing changes to ensure effective change, and will remain a constant source of support throughout the process. 


Fees for parent consulting begin at $150 per hour. Payment plans are available!

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