Adult Behavioral

What we do:

Do you find yourself living too much in the past? Or in the future?
Do you beat yourself up? Compare yourself to others?
Do you feel that you are never good enough?
Do you find yourself going in circles?
Do you want to learn how to cope with difficult emotions?

The consultants and clinicians at IEBI’s adult behavioral health services unit utilize a compassionate, collaborative, client-centered and evidence-based method to empower you or your loved ones to navigate life’s challenges. We do this by helping you discover what truly matters to you, and enabling you to align your life with these important goals and values. We believe that the challenges we face and the pain we feel throughout life are an inevitable part of being a human being. However, that pain does not have to hold you back, disrupt your relationships, harm your health, or make you feel you aren’t good enough. Our staff will work with you to strengthen your life-management skills and improve your psychological resilience to help you deal more effectively with social, emotional, professional, personal, and interpersonal challenges.

Who we work with:

IEBI-Adult behavioral health serves adults 18 and up experiencing any of the common challenges in life faced by many of us (e.g., stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression, broken relationships, insomnia, difficulty in determining life direction, etc.).

In addition, we serve those who may be struggling with behavioral health issues that affect their overall well-being (such as weight management, smoking cessation, etc.).

Our Method:

Adult behavioral health services at IEBI are based on Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT)—pronounced as in “action”—and encourages healthy and adaptive living for everyone. ACT is a behavior analytic treatment approach that revolves around taking effective action that is both mindful and guided by our values, thus, increasing our psychological/behavioral flexibility and therefore our physical, emotional and social well-being. You will be encouraged and motivated by your own values to more effectively handle your pain and challenges, and to persist in habits and behaviors that will improve your life, even when in the face of your struggles.


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